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Gift card

We gift all the customers our branded flower card so they can express the most important feelings and words with the flowers. If you want to send with the flowers something special you can also purchase decorative postcards and envelopes, wide range of them will be provided on your request.

A postcard is just a small piece of paper, very important though. This detail can completely transform the bouquet you are going to present. It can be a message with a hint or, vice versa, a uncovering your secret in a very straightforward manner. Anyways, the flowers with a card become a direct message to the recipient.

Write what you think using words coming on your mind. Beloved ones will always understand that the text in the flower card was found on the Internet – demonstrate your personality.

If suddenly inspiration leaves you, our consultants will always come to help you out and will take care of every detail of your order, including the message on the flower card, to make everything perfect.

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