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How to take care of flowers?

It's hard to find someone who doesn't like flowers. The bouquet is unique in that it is pleasant to receive and give. Especially if it is a composition created by a professional florist.

Since ancient times, people have given flowers a special meaning. Each bud has a unique aura that affects our mood. Residents of the ancient East believed that flowers have a language through which they communicate with people.

Having decided to give someone a bouquet, be sure to consider the meaning of the flowers. For example, a rose has long been considered a symbol of love and passion. Attached a similar value and cloves.

In the time of Catherine the Second, a unique “Register of Flowers” ​​was created. This document contained interpretations of all colors. The creators of the “Register” designated a red rose as a flower that brings reconciliation, red tulips should be given to loved ones, carnations to enemies. Red flowers were associated in Russia with love, green - with hope, blue - with fidelity. Negative colors were considered black, which meant sadness, and yellow, which symbolized treason.

Профессиональные флористы используют современные подходы к цветовым трактовкам цветов. Желтый цвет в наше время считается символом солнца, поэтому букет хризантем – это выраженное в цветах пожелание добра.

Orange flowers are a symbol of strength and power, they can be given to business people, superiors. Blue flowers speak of fidelity, it is customary to give them to draftees going to the duty station. Purple is a symbol of friendship, green is peace, pink is youth.

Well, and, of course, the red color has retained its meaning. A bouquet of red flowers remains a great way to make a declaration of love.

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